Modular bookcase in solid chestnut wood

Modular open design bookshelf, made completely in solid chestnut wood. High-end handmade manufacturing, entirely Made in Italy. Built in four units, without doors, and each compartment is fixed to the next one by metal hidden joints. Each modular has three shelves in solid chestnut wood, laid down on strong support, allowing holding up even high loads without any kind of trouble. Sides with glasses, but, up on request, it is possible to substitute them with wooden panels. Building technique used is, at frame, which guarantees absolute stability to the product. Varnished, in natural color, by eco-friendly water based paint, free of toxic emissions. Final polishing made rigorously by hand with beeswax. This bookshelf is shipped completely disassembled, together with instructions for an easy and fast self-assembly. Being a modular open design bookshelf, we can manufacture it in different sizes, types of wood and polishing. Contact us if you require a custom-made bookshelf, we will provide you our best quote. Model Designed by: Erika Gambella

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Height: 180.0cm

Width: 321.0cm

Depth: 44.0cm