Mid Century table with Briccola wood

Mid century style dining table with top made by Briccola wood and processed with epoxy resin. Briccola is a wooden pole, located into the canals depths for supporting the nautical signage for small boats. Before being changed , their permanence into the water and their exposure to insects, molluscs and parasites lasts several years. The signs left from the activity of the insects are well visible on the table top. Part of the holes and the digged tunnels are processed with the epoxy resin, for filling the deepest holes and making the table more solid. Conical legs in midcentury modern style, made in solid basswood. Their angulation can be adjusted. Quality and value of this table are its uniqueness: is not possible to have an identical table because each Briccola, once recovered and worked, will have a different look and shape. We can manufacture customized items. Contact us for a quotation.


Height: 79.0cm

Width: 193.0cm

Depth: 73.0cm


1.890,00 € VAT included

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